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at 11:20 today. we want to know what you think these candidates should talk about, or what mitt romney should specifically address in his speech and what foreign- policy issues you think he needs to talk about more on the campaign trail. already getting reaction from facebook this morning. host: just below that, eleanor rights -- host: we want to get to your calls this morning, start calling in now. we have -- we will read to you a few more articles from this speech. "mitt romney strives to stand apart in global policy." host: again, that speech is happening at about 11:20 this morning. we will take our first call on this from clinton, illinois. matt is waiting on the independent line. good morning. caller: mitt romney needs to go after the whole libya at incident. he may have made a few missteps regarding coming out with information, but he needs to layoff of that, because it is one thing that he can actually use. i do not know if it will help his foreign policy, because obama can just come back and say -- that is what i did -- but that is something he will really have to focus on if
morning. she is filling in. the show is also in talks to get michelle obama on the air. ann romney is in the battleground states of virginia. she greeted cancer survivors and campaign volunteers yesterday in chester. peter in sarasota, florida, on our independent line. we are talking about whether political spouses affect your vote. caller: absolutely not. and i am an independent for u.s. senate in florida. and i'me-in candidate, single with a mensa iq, and i'm the owner of two companies. geraldine ferraro was the best candidate running back years ago. vote for pete. host: let's go to our next call in hindsville, alabama, on our democrat line. good morning. no, they don't affect my vote. they are very intelligent women, but i've already made up my mind. so the spouses don't have anything to do with that. host: do they give more perspective and to who the candidates are? radio station in washington, wtop, says -- do you feel the spouses can give more of a human side to the person? caller: they might try, but most people see what the. candidates the. it's kind of hard for them to cha
the romney video. ". later we will talk to emily ethridge. she has the story about tackling medicare. first, let's check back in julie sobel of national journal and update on the senate race in arizona. >> this is a race most people have not been paying attention to until recently. it was assumed a republican will hold the seat. congressman jeff flake is a republican in the race. recently polls showing a tied race. people are tuning in realizing that arizona could be a close senate race. carmona is a great recruit for democrat. he served under george w. bush. it's pretty hard for republicans to paint him with the partisan brush that they want to. basically, the argument is that he was recruited by obama and that he'll vote with the democrats which in arizona, it's a state where the fundamentals are republicans and that's kind of going to be the argument against carmona probably throughout this race. host: what should viewers be watching for tonight? >> you definitely going to see that obama called carmona personally to recruit him to run and that he is obama's man in arizona from flake. y
outbreaks on. host: a poll shows a one point advantage for mitt romney. the washington post talks but adds fanning in critical states with the front page story, 100 million spent so far by the two candidates in florida, about the same spent in virginia and ohio. mitt romney makes two stops in ohio. obama prepares for the next debate on tuesday. town hall style format. you can see previous town hall formats tonight on c-span. that will start at 7:00 p.m., go to for details. and for the first 45 minutes, we wanted to get your thoughts and the role of the moderator during the debate. we have pondered two already. we want to get your thoughts on style.and jim's anything that involves the moderator during the presidential debates. we want to get your thoughts. give us a call -- we choose this in part because of the reactions in the debate moderator's, especially from groups and watch these kinds of things. this is media matters, this out for the mark but debate. this is what the poston. write when media uses interruptions -- it goes on despite right-wing media are attacking the moder
and this is a politically charged issue. how many weeks ago was it that mitt romney was in so much trouble for not talking about veterans and not mentioning the afghanistan war at the republican convention in tampa? it is also interesting that the sense of hope you mentioned -- you are open to a buy at least a part-time job or a full-time job. -- find at least a part-time job or a full-time job. these are the months where people are wanting to hire part- time employees to make up for the extra work there will be for the holiday season. host: 44,000 jobs bump in the health-care industry according to the bureau of labor statistics. as our guest minted at our caller mentioned, a drop in manufacturing. there is a question about explaining the criteria that the department of labor uses statistics -- department of labor uses as statistics. guest: people can make a lot of the unemployment rate in one way. on the other side, there will be people who can stand it the other way. people who have been employed for a certain amount of time have to cross the threshold in terms of how long you have been employed. it is
in reality. how can a fast-talking salesman like mr. romney change people's minds and changed their vote? should they not be looking deeper and researched the facts? just talkingy that about energy policy can in any way to create 3 million jobs. you have to look beyond what they are saying and look for the truth, because it's nothing but a snake oil salesman talking. host: do you want to hear them go back and forth tonight interrupting each other or do you want a moderator to step in more and try to control the environment? caller: i would definitely like to see the moderator not let them ramble on. host: so you want time constraints? caller: yes, definitely. i was so disappointed that people are not looking beyond words, because anyone can say anything. host: this was a style section of the washington post this morning about the role of the moderator -- that was about the moderator. the washington times this morning as a piece thishow president obama attended mark their ballotss -- attended martha raddatz's mary stuart ex- husband and some are concerned that she will be biased tonight.
. we are talking about the tax plans of president obama and candidate romney. extending the bush tax cuts, what is the cost for the richest 1% and the rest of the 99%? guest: it will cost about $5.50 trillion over 10 years. the president obama planned to not extend the bush tax cut on income over $250,000 only saves about $1 trillion. host: you are nodding your head. guest: a lot of people do not recognize what is in play. the bush tax cuts went to the top 2%, 3%. they received trillionths, depending on how you count the numbers. both candidates are proposing to extend both of those tax cuts. it will be difficult to do that unless semiserious plan to control entitlement spending. the president certainly does not have that. i think it is an open question how serious governor romney is about that. there was talk of an increase in proposed medicare spending over the next decade, which is not exactly a step towards fiscal responsibility. host of these comments -- -- host: these comments from twitter -- host: rosalie, conn., independent caller line. hello. caller: good morning. my questio
we asked for. so much for the embassy security. number two, governor romney, before he even knew that our ambassador was killed, he was out making political statements and was panned by the media around the world. and this talk about weakness, i don't understand what my. friend is my. >> what were you first told about the attack? why were people talking about protests when people in the consulate's first saw armed men attacking at the fence, there were no protestors? guest: i went on what we were told by the intelligence community. they told us that. as they learned more facts about exactly what happened, they changed their assessment. that's why there's also an investigation headed by a leading diplomat from the reagan years who is doing an investigation into whether there were any lapses cannot what they worked, so they will never happen again. >> but they wanted more security. >> we were not told that they wanted more security. at the time, we said exactly what the intelligence community told us that they knew. that was the assessment. as the intelligence community changed the
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8